Car Polish Wax Kit Carnauba Cream Super Shine Bright Auto Glym Super Resin 500ml

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Super Resin Polish imparts an exceptionally high gloss shine to all types and colours of automotive paintwork. Super Resin Polish is easy to use and contains specialised emulsifiers and conditioners to gently clean and condition paintwork. Low molecular weight resins harden and bond to give exceptional protection and cosmetic effect. Treated high gloss surfaces are highly resistant to deterioration from most environmental contaminants and weather conditions including UV light. Ideal for all types of new or moderately deteriorated automotive paintwork including metallics, waterbased and lacquered finishes. Handy Tips Apply polish to entire bodywork and complete all other valeting tasks, i.e., cleaning glass and dressing plastic trim, before finally removing polish to reveal shine. This technique will avoid marking polished paintwork if other tasks are carried out first. Use a suitable 100% cotton cloth to apply polish, i.e. Autoglym Perfect Polishing Cloth. Other cloths with synthetic fibres may cause fine scratching. Apply polish to the cloth, not directly to your vehicle. Spread in large, circular overlapping motions. Before it dries, even out into long straight lines, along the axis of the vehicle. Take care not to apply polish to absorbent surfaces i.e., unpainted plastics and rubber trim. In the event of accidental application, remove polish stains with Autoglym Fast Glass. Use an old toothbrush to loosen dried on stains. Alternatively, use Autoglym Bumper Care to restore and protect original finish. Use Autoglym Super Resin Polish on good condition bright work and other metallic surfaces, i.e., wheels, instead of using a metal polish which may be unnecessarily abrasive. Remember, the topmost layer of your paintwork is the strongest and should be preserved as far as possible. It is better to polish 2-3 times using Autoglym Super Resin Polish to restore the finish than to use an unnecessarily abrasive paint restorer.

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