Scholl Concepts S17+ High Performance Compound – 250g

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Scholl Concepts S17+ high performance compound is a fast and easy one-step, multi-purpose compound that gives outstanding results and a brilliant high gloss finish. It is suitable for use on scratched, freshly painted or badly weathered paintwork and can quickly and effortlessly remove deep scratches and P1500 grit sanding marks. When using S17+, very little compound is needed on the pad and dust production is minimal, whilst the cut achieved is maximum! Users benefit from easy handling, high cut, optimal anti-hologram properties and a guaranteed rich, deep long-lasting shine. S17+ is a silicone-free, universal cutting compound suitable for conventional and scratch-resistant paints, freshly painted or dull and badly weathered, and light to heavily scratched paintwork. Intelligent microscopic abrasive particles based on aluminium oxide increase speed (cut) significantly and guarantee a brilliant high gloss finish. S17+ can be applied by Rotary (1000-2000 RPM) or Orbital (2000-10000 RPM) machine polishers or by hand. Apply S17+ compound sparingly as a little goes a long way. Cut: Heavy (4/6) Gloss: High (4/6) Sanding Paper: P1500 Size: 250g What pads can I use with S17+ High Performance Compound? With S17+, cut intensity and gloss level can be regulated by using different polishing pads, lambswool pads or Hand application. To increase cut and remove deep scratches, use with a quality lambswool pad. Use with the Purple or Blue Foam Pads to eliminate normal scratches and P2000 scratch patterns. Use S17+ with the Orange Foam Pad or Black Softouch Waffle Pad for final, hologram-free finishing. These pads are particularly effective on delicate paint surfaces. With S17+ you determine the level of cut and shine with your choice of pad.

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