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How To Clay Bar Your Car After The Best Wash


What is clay baring After Washing your vehicle?

When valeting your car it is vital to use the correct method to wash the car correctly.

So perhaps you listened to your friend talking about the best way he or she clayed their own vehicle a few days ago. To people who aren’t knowledgeable about clay barring, it may sound similar to some form of an art piece. The truth is, in fact,  your car is a really beneficial (and particular) cleaning procedure. Unlike waxing as well as protecting your surface, a clay bar can be used to cleanse a contaminated surface. Quite often you can feel small bumps in your car paint as well as notice that the smoothness just is not therethis can be, for the most part, an indication that you will ought to clay bar your car. Anytime you can finally clay bar, the embedded debris causing the tiny imperfections on your surface will be picked up by the clay bar or clay cloth as well as eradicated forever.

When to clay bar the car:

Not like polishing or a simple car wash, the human eye alone simply cannot truly see when a car is required to be clay bared. When to clay bar is surely a typically debated topic with not one specific solution, however, there are plenty of considerations. To start with, if you are planning to machine polish, it is recommended to clay bar first. If the clay isn’t used right before machine polishing, these inlayed pollutants I mentioned can easily (and can) end up being drawn across the surface area by way of a buffer or polishing pad which will leave your paint with swirl markings and holograms. Secondly, in case your car paint looks lacklustre, you can do a straightforward test to find out if you need to clay bar, then machine polish, and then apply a level of wax. Note that nevertheless, clay baring will make the surface more smooth by removing pollutants, the entire procedure isn’t completed till you have completed with a protective sealer. You can examine in order to clay bar by way of executing that plastic-type material bag check.

Typically the Plastic-type material Bag Test: Should you put your hand in a bag and lightly glide your hand across the surface, you will be able to feel each and every imperfection. You will feel protrusions not necessarily visible to the naked eye, and these tend to be, in reality, letting you know it is time for you to clay bar or clay cloth. The examination will take no longer than about a few minutes and could be carried out during the clay bar method to check very little areas have been missed.

How to clay bar your car:

The first thing you want to check would be that you have cleaned your car – you do not wish to be clay baring dirt and dust. Then you will need the right car washing items: a medium grade clay bar, a lubricant so that the clay bar does not adhere to the surface, and a micro-fibre towel. As soon as you have well prepared accompanied by a thoroughly clean car and the correct products, then let’s go.

preparation phase:

Massage your clay bar.To ensure your clay is pliable, massage it in one’s palms for at least five minutes. The heat and continuous motion will soften the clay bar so you can manipulate it and fold it up immediately after only one side is now filthy with contaminants.

The First Step:

Spray clay bar lubrication. This may appear a bit strange, but it is actually an essential step in the clay method. The thing is, the clay bar procedure is actually relatively coarseafter all, you are rubbing a material over one’s vehicle finish. The clay bar lubrication makes it safe and helps the clay bar grab contaminants effortlessly. Without it, the method might break apart.

The Second Step:

Move the clay bar about the paint in straight lines, steering clear of large pressureFor optimum results, we advise sticking to one area at any given time. Allow about three square feet to play with (1 / 4 section as well) to be sure you have removed all pollutants from the place. It is best to clay bar in in a straight line without an excessive amount of pressure for best benefits.Some words of advice: As a matter of basic safety, it is often a good concept to turnover and fold the clay bar along the way to keep it clean. Additionally, should you drop the clay bar you must, dispose of it.

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The Third Step:

Wipe surplus lubricant with a microfiber clothThat one ought to be self-explanatory. If you are moving forward on to polishing or waxing, that you choose to, you need to get rid of surplus lubricant from your surface area. If you do this section by way of the section while you clay bar around the vehicle, you will discover it’s much simpler.

Yet again, you will want to replicate the procedure for each section of the vehicle, along with the roof, until there is nothing left to cover. The best way to check if you overlooked an area would be to whip out the bag once again and test for bumps. If you discover some more, just mist, clay bar, and wipe up the rest. It is as Simple as that. Once you’re done you have to remember, that no clay bar procedure is completed by itself. There should invariably be wax involved to make sure the surface is not subjected to the actual contaminants that were eliminated with the clay bar or clay cloth.


Now that you know which secrets and techniques behind clay baring the car ), you should be capable of doing so with confidence. You realize you’ll need a clay bar or cloth, lubrication, and a towel. You know that once you clay bar you need to either machine polish and then wax, or maybe wax to make sure the finish remains safe and secure. you already know the plastic bag check, that is awesome I genuinely recommend trying it ASAP. That is just about almost everything novice detailers need to know regarding clay baring, but if you are hungry to get more you can always check out our other tutorials.